Why Print Your Photos?

I have a very large family of extended relatives. On my mother’s side of the family alone, I have 20 first cousins. With that many first cousins, you can imagine how large my family tree is with just one branch alone!

I am the administrator of a group page on Facebook where my extended family can communicate and also figure out how we’re all related. My mother and I were in charge of setting up a family reunion. In a perfect world, if everyone under the family tree can attend, we would have close to 1,000 people. Unfortunately, only probably 1/8 of the family tree would be able to attend.

One of my relatives recently posted a scanned picture of my great-grandmother on the group page. This was probably the ONLY picture of my great-grandmother ever to exist!

Seeing the picture inspired me to write this blog about the importance of printing your photos, especially in the digital age. We take photos so our future grandchildren and great-grandchildren can know how we look like. However, what happens when your CD is scratched or your hard drive cannot retrieve your files? Technology becomes obsolete very fast. How do you retrieve your picture files, especially if memory cards and USB flash drives will become as obsolete as floppy disks in the future? CD-ROM disks are dying fast, as the most latest computers, especially Macs, do not have these disk drives.

The easy solution…print your photos!

The best way to ensure your printed photos has the best quality…hire a professional photographer!