Redstone Elopement

Who could forget this date? October 31, 2020…Halloween on the year of a pandemic. It’s certainly memorable!

The bride was a long-time client of mine, especially during my early photography days, so when she asked me to do a day-after session, I jumped at the chance!

We did the shoot at Redstone Dune Trail, which is part of Lake Mead National Park. Originally, we wanted to do the shoot at Valley of Fire, but unfortunately, we did not get the permits in time. Redstone was the next best thing.

It was a perfect day of shooting with the clouds and skies. Also, we practically had Redstone all to ourselves!

After the shoot, we did a quick shoot at the Welcome to Las Vegas sign. The bride and groom met in Vegas, so they wanted to incorporate the bright lights of Vegas, as well as the desert landscape.

At the time of writing this post, I was learning videography and trying to build a portfolio, so I shot some video footage as well.

A Fabulous Vegas Wedding on 10-10-20

Why do weddings occur on certain wedding dates like October 10, 2020 (10-10-20)? It’s because it’s easy to remember your anniversary date! Also, 10+10=20!

Since the start of the pandemic, I have never seen The Strip so busy on 10-10-20. It was a stark contrast than a few months before, when The Strip was a ghost town during lockdown. I saw on the news that the line for marriage licenses at the courthouse was super long that it wrapped around the building!

The funny thing was that the couple didn’t realize their wedding was on a special date. Like many engaged couples, the couple had to postpone their wedding in their hometown. After finding out the bride’s father was planning to a trip to Vegas, the couple decided to get married Vegas-style with an Elvis impersonator as their officiant.