Taco Bell Cantina Wedding

When I first booked this wedding, I said to myself, “I’ll bet they’ll be such a fun group to photograph because they’re having their wedding at a Taco Bell.” And I was right!

Just like many couples during the pandemic, they had to change their wedding plans. They perused on TikTok and found the perfect spot to have their wedding…at a Taco Bell!

The bride and groom are avid hikers and nature lovers. After having a long day of hiking, they always stop by at a Taco Bell, so it’s only fitting to have their wedding at one!

A Very Vegas Wedding

How much of a Vegas wedding can you get with an Elvis officiant and tour guide, a stop at the Neon Boneyard Museum, and a ride to the Welcome to Las Vegas sign in a classic Cadillac?

The day started off with a photo session at the Neon Boneyard Museum. After the session, we all jumped in Elvis’ Cadillac and drove down Las Vegas Boulevard for the ceremony at the Welcome to Las Vegas Sign. Along the way, we made a quick stop near the Stratosphere for more photos.

The couple embraced the whole Vegas wedding experience, down to the accessories…sunglasses with Elvis sideburns!