What I Have Been Up To?

My photography direction changed in 2022. I booked a few weddings and engagements, and also worked second photographer jobs for other colleagues. To keep the photography passion alive, I’ve also done a few personal projects and collaborations.

As an UNLV employee, I used to donate my photography services as a gift-in-kind, using my own personal photography gear. Because the demand for photography increased, my full-time work purchased equipment for me, adding photography to my job duties.

I will continue to book weddings, events, and portrait session for 2023 and 2024, but with limited availability. Book now!

Taco Bell Cantina Wedding

When I first booked this wedding, I said to myself, “I’ll bet they’ll be such a fun group to photograph because they’re having their wedding at a Taco Bell.” And I was right!

Just like many couples during the pandemic, they had to change their wedding plans. They perused on TikTok and found the perfect spot to have their wedding…at a Taco Bell!

The bride and groom are avid hikers and nature lovers. After having a long day of hiking, they always stop by at a Taco Bell, so it’s only fitting to have their wedding at one!