Horseshoe Bend Proposal

A wonderful family from Mexico was visiting Las Vegas, and at the last minute, planned a side-trip to Horseshoe Bend for an unforgettable proposal for their loved ones. The family drove 5 hours to Page, Arizona the night before and scouted the location.

The next morning, I woke up at 5:00 a.m. to drive to Page. After a long 5-hour drive, I met up with the family to help coordinate the entire thing. Moments before the couple’s arrival, the family asked a random visitor who spoke Spanish to be on the lookout for the couple and take video on his phone as well. When it was time for the couple’s arrival, the family hid behind a large rock and some bushes.

The idea was for me to pretend that I was the “official” Horseshoe Bend photographer who was just taking random pictures of people. After much anticipation, I finally found the couple as they walked towards me. It took awhile for him to find the right time to start proposing, but he finally did! She was definitely surprised!

This is one of the most memorable photo shoots I’ve ever done! I loved capturing all the emotions, including the smudged eye makeup, happy tears, and happy dance. I also considered this shoot a “full-circle moment” because I started my photography journey taking pictures of landscapes. I was able to combine the two worlds!

What I Have Been Up To?

My photography direction changed in 2022. I booked a few weddings and engagements, and also worked second photographer jobs for other colleagues. To keep the photography passion alive, I’ve also done a few personal projects and collaborations.

As an UNLV employee, I used to donate my photography services as a gift-in-kind, using my own personal photography gear. Because the demand for photography increased, my full-time work purchased equipment for me, adding photography to my job duties.

I will continue to book weddings, events, and portrait session for 2023 and 2024, but with limited availability. Book now!