About Me

Photo Credit: Yanelys Photography

I’m a photographer based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

I have been a resident of Las Vegas since 2006 after living in Walnut, California, a suburb of Los Angeles. Since my family still lives in Walnut, I’m in the LA area pretty often.

I started building my portrait photography portfolio in late 2012, after 9 years of being a hobbyist landscape photographer. Over the years, my photography journey has grown from fun trade-for-print shoots with models to a freelance career in the photography industry.


About My Photography

I take pride being an “any light photographer”. While my preferred time of day is near sunset, also known as “golden hour”, I’m capable of handling any lighting situation presented to me. This includes tricky lighting conditions such as low nighttime lighting, harsh mid-day lighting, and spotted dappled lighting. I also ensure to use the correct equipment and proper techniques to tackle such conditions, resulting in images with consistent quality.

My photography style is BOLD, COLORFUL, and CONTEMPORARY.