Maria Fernanda’s Beauty and the Beast Themed Quinceañera

What a gorgeous quinceañera! Because this birthday celebration was Beauty and the Beast themed, Sunset Castle was a very fitting venue to hold this party.

Maria Fernanda’s birthday party was a traditional “fiesta de quinceañera”. She kicked off the festivities by performing a choreographed waltz number to Ariana Grande and John Legend’s version of the song “Beauty and the Beast.”

After the waltz number, three other traditions that signified Maria’s passage into womanhood were performed. The first tradition was the changing of shoes, from flats to high heels. The next two traditions were presentation of gifts, including a necklace and the “last doll” which is a Beauty and the Beast snow globe.

Concluding the program with heartfelt speeches and dances with her father and grandfather, Maria and her entourage performed a surprise dance number to a modern routine.